Services & Fees
Genesis is an independent, nonprofit organization, not affiliated with any denomination, church, state or public institute. Our licensed or pre-licensed therapists are highly trained in accredited graduate programs, as well as in areas of theological expertise and ministry training. Genesis has created a safe and confidential counseling environment where all clients will be treated professionally. For those wanting therapy from a Christian point-of-view, our therapists work from a strong Biblical perspective, in conjunction with sound psychological insights. For those not seeking a faith-based approach, our skilled therapists are available to offer wisdom and input for changes in a caring, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Fees are assessed on a sliding scale based on combined household income.
The current range is from $40 – $100 per counseling session.
Some churches assist with counseling fees. Talk to your Pastor.

Counseling Services

Genesis offers individual, pre-marital, marital, family, children and group therapy. We are available to address relational and family problems, as well as such issues as depression and/or anxiety, sexual, emotional and physical abuse, separation and divorce, parenting problems, stress management, life changing losses, post traumatic stress, physical illness and pain, grief and loss, and spiritual issues.

Child and Adolescent Issues
Divorce and blended family issues
Depression and/or anxiety
Behavioral problems
Learning difficulties
Eating disorders
Sexual abuse or other childhood traumas
Adoption issues
Loss issues
Self Harm
Peer Relationships
Group Therapy Needs
Marriage, divorce, or remarriage
Sexual abuse
Codependency/boundary issues
Anger management
Sexual addiction

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