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Our Mission at Genesis is to use our gifts and talents in teaching and counseling to help others become all that God intended them to be!

Genesis is an independent, nonprofit organization, not officially affiliated with any single denomination, church, state or other public institute. Our counselors are highly trained in state and federally accredited graduate programs as professionals and typically have theological and ministry training as well. Therefore, Genesis has the unique ability to create an extremely safe and confidential counseling environment where Christian and non-Christian clients will be treated professionally

At Genesis, we know…

That each person is unique and that we are all in process.

That many problems seem hopeless.

BUT we can find hope in a professional counseling relationship with a sensitive and caring counselor.

AND we have access to a Miracle-Making COUNSELOR who specializes in giving wisdom and hope in the worst of human conflicts!

At Genesis, we seek…

To create a process of Christian intervention for the healing of spiritual, emotional, and relational issues for individuals, couples, families and groups.

To be truly Christian and truly professional in all of our relationships.

To promote restoration and reconciliation in people by helping them to become all that God created them to be.

At Genesis, we offer you…

Experienced professionals to help you create a new beginning.

Credentialed therapists who have gained the trust of both the Christian and professional community..

A safe and professional environment where hope can be renewed and growth achieved.

Three convenient locations for you to receive service.

To schedule a visit or get more information, call 909.890.2299 or email